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Dear users, now you can forward messages not only FROM private channels but also TO private channels. Use invitation link instead of the name of the channel.
Also now you have possibility to connect your telegram account to the bot so you will be able to forward messages from it to wherether you want. It is useful when you want to forward messages from private channels where your account is a member but where to bot can not subscribe. Also it allows to implement other crazy ideas if you understand what I mean %)
Details you can find in the last paragraphs of FAQ.
Due to blocking of Telegram in Russia we are moving our server to Europe. Bot is currently out of service. Thank you for your understanding 😉
Bot is online again 👍🏻
Dear friends, we sincerely thank you for your patience! Last days the bot underwent serious performance issues. But our server is now successfully nested in Europe, everything fine-tuned and we continue our flight!
Dear friends, we changed the default format of passing captions for media files. Now captions will come together with media files, closer to the original style of Telegram.
If you have changed setting
/setting caption
then you will still have format set by you. But if don't you will receive captions in a new format. We hope this will make the service more convenient. If you want to return to previous format use command:
/setting caption separate
Friends, following your numerous requests we've added new kinds of filtering to filter out images, videos etc. Please see updated instructions for /filter
Good news! Now @junction_bot can subscribe to groups and supergroups. Also there is a new setting
/setting author
It allows to tune the visibility of message's author.
We are happy to announce a new feature. Now you can change the title of source channel in the forwarded message. Use the command
/settingchannel @channel_name header Custom Title

All standard html tags of Telegram are supported (<b>, <i> etc)
Following your requests we are launching a command to replace texts in forwarded messages. Please see /replace
Upon your request we have added two new features. First one is filter with regular expressions. Now you can create all the imaginable filtering rules. Use commands /filterrx and /filterrxall

Also there is a new setting for headers:
/setting header from_only
This setting will remove the headers of the direct sources, but will keep the original headers (when you see From ....)
We are happy to announce a new feature! Now you can add your custom text in the beginning and in the end of the message. Use /setting before and /setting after
Also you can use this setting with /settingchannel
Now you can restrict an access to the bot in group chats. Use /restrict command to to make bot to listen to chat's administrators only.
Friends, we have massively upgraded the forwarding control system. Now you can see all your forwards in a more readable way and also control them with buttons (as you could subscriptions before). If you wanted to forward something but didn't dare to start, now it's the perfect time! Just use the command /channel.

Also now you can control settings/filters/replacements for each target having the common source. If you have a source channel and you forward posts from it to several other channels and you want them to have different settings, please use the new construction. Details you can read in a corresponding paragraph of FAQ:
We have not published news about @Junction_Bot for a long time, but this does not mean that work on the bot has slowed down!
Recently, much effort has been invested in improving the speed and stability of the bot. Many small bugs were fixed, including those related to the delay and, for several exotic channels, even to the disappearance of messages. We finally moved to a more powerful and reliable hosting.
Also auto payments were added, which we were often asked for.
We hope you are enjoying being with us! 😉
🎁 Friends, we are giving away prizes for @Junction_Bot. You can win a paid account for a periods starting from a week up to 100 years! 👨🏿‍🦳 Every participant will get a prize.

To participate, make a post, article or video about @Junction_Bot and put it on your social network page or on some media platform (ex. YouTube, Quora, Reddit, Medium or popular forum). After that, share a link to your post with the bot`s administrator. Remember that the post should remain online for at least a week.

💣 We will evaluate the “coolness” of your post and hand out your prize! For example: a video on a popular YouTube channel could easily worth a lifetime subscription but an inconspicuous post on a local crypto forum is unlikely to пуе more than a weekly bonus. Prizes are cumulative!
Small update: message editing now works for direct connection. If the message is edited in the source channel, it will be changed accordingly in the destination channel.
Hi everyone! We are glad to share some details about the big bot update. What's new?
- Added support for video notes (periscopes), animations and animated stickers
- Added support for formatted photo captions
- Voting is no longer forwarded as an empty message
- Minor bug fixes in message editing support
- Minor bug fixes in replies to previous messages
- Added the ability to completely remove all filters: /filterall DELETE ALL
☢️We are starting a promo action for a direct connection!☢️

Invite a friend and he will receive a 50% discount for the first month of a direct connection service. After he starts using a direct connection you’ll get ₽500 to your pro-account. Get your personal referral link with the /referral command and ask a friend to mention this link to the bot`s administrator when he will be setting up a direct connection.
Friends, here comes a long-awaited feature! Now you can filter out duplicating messages.
For example, if you are subscribed to two channels and the author of the second channel constantly reposts from the first channel, then you will receive these messages only one time.
The function is available only on paid accounts.
You can enable it for all sources with the command
/setting duplicate filter
For a specific source use the command
/settingchannel @source duplicate filter
Ladies and gentlemen, upon your numerous requests! Now it's possible to copy all the filters from one source to another.
Please use the following command:
/filter @channel_to_copy_filters_to addAllFrom @channel_to_copy_filters_from
Also works with /filterrx.