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Good news! Now you can set the frequency of the copied messages. It means that you can copy, for example, only every second message from the source. To do this, use the /filter command with the new option every.

We also significantly increased the performance of the bot! Bye bye, long winter expectations for a reciprocal letter...
If you actively use filters, you probably wondered: β€œWhat am I doing wrong?! Why is the message not being filtered?”. Holders of paid accounts can now receive a report describing which filters matched on the message. Activate the function with the command
/settingchannel ... explain on
Friends, we have added a new feature - feedback buttons aka like buttons. Now owners of paid accounts can use the setting `like` to add like / dislike / whatever buttons to the messages in the destination channel or group. These buttons will show the number of users who clicked on them.
Activate the function, for example, with the command
/settingchannel ... like 1
Remember that all settings are set on a source.
πŸ”₯Big Buttons UpdateπŸ”₯
Firstly, we added the function of transmitting the buttons of the original message. Buttons are not transmitted by default; to change this, use the buttons setting. For instance:
/setting buttons all
The text of buttons and their URLs are subject to the general replacement rules from /replace and /replacerx. If the text of the button or the link as a result of the replacement becomes empty, then the button is deleted. Filters, for now, do not match against buttons.

Secondly, now you can add your own button links. To do this, use the mybuttons setting. For instance:
/setting mybuttons
https://junction.space About the bot
https://tgchannels.org Channel Directory
πŸ€– Friends, we are launching a new bot designed to organize paid channels. If you run a private channel with a paid subscription, we invite you to become one of the first users on favourable conditions!
We have many unique ideas and your feedback will directly affect the functions that will be implemented. Interesting? Write to @astuteficus.
Friends, we hope your self-isolation goes well! We have two new things.
1. A delay feature for forwarded messages. You can set a constant delay, or you can set a random one with a given range.
Use the /setting delay ...
2. There is now a way to send only text from captions, without the images themselves.
Use /setting caption text_only
Friends, we've added a convenient interactive wizard to create new forwards. It is available by clicking the corresponding buttons in the /channel, /list or /help commands. We will be gradually improving it further.
Enjoy and don't hesitate to give your feedback!
Friends, now you can pin forwarded messages. Take a look at the pin setting. For instance:
/settingchannel @source pin notify
We've added the ability to send a link to polls.
Now polls are ignored by default and not transmitted. If you still want your readers to be notified of a poll in the source channel, use the poll setting. For example:
/setting poll Vote!
The text "Vote!" Will be sent to the destination channel with the reference to the original survey.
Friends, today we release not a functional, but an aesthetic update: we rewrote the texts, added a new keyboard menu - navigation through the main functions, so that you can use the bot more conveniently. If you don't want to use the menu, go to /help and click the "Turn off keyboard" button (there you can turn it back on, if necessary).
As always, we are waiting for your opinion on the update, as well as ideas and suggestions in our cozy support group.
Friends, we are releasing a new feature! Now, if you are happy owner of a direct connection, you can set up the bot to send messages on your behalf.
How does it work? You can specify other users and bots as the redirect destination. They will receive messages directly from your account. We will also add support for sending on our behalf to groups soon.
So far, there is no support for the formatting of the text, but we will implement that soon as well.
Follow the news!
Forwarding of messages on behalf of your account is ready. Formatting and sending to groups and channels is now fully supported. 🀘🏼
If you encounter any issues - let us know!
Hi! We've added two new settings:
silence - pass silence mode for messages
delete - delete a message if it is deleted in the source
Hello again! And again we are bringing in a new feature! πŸš€
We've added a new type of filters: temporal. Now you can set up which day and which time interval messages will be allowed to pass or not.
Please see more details here.
Hello friends!
We have a small update. Recently, bots have appeared that show the desired text in a pop-up window only at the click of a button. So we decided to add a new setting - click. Using it, you can enable the correct forwarding of such buttons, so that they will show the same text on the click in your destination channel.
πŸš€ Hello!
If you run a paid channel, then this will be interesting for you. We've launched a big update for @LectumBot. This is our second bot that allows you to easily maintain paid channels, automatically collect payments, detect pirate leaks, etc.
Major changes:
- Accepting payments not only in cryptocurrency, but also through PayPal
- Referral system
- More convenient monitoring of subscribers
Hi there,
The requirements of the bot to work in groups have slightly changed.
For non-service chats (which are like separate accounts), neither the bot nor the manager need to be administrators. That is, you can simply add the bot to any group and subscribe to any channel.
Remember, if you want the bot in the group to only respond to administrator's commands, use the /restrict command.
For service chats, everything remains the same. Both you and the bot must be administrators.
We've added a long awaited feature: a batch execution of a list of the commands. To do this, use the /batch command followed by a list of your commands. Each command must start on a new line.
The following commands are currently supported: / filter, /filterrx, /replace, /replacerx, /settingchannel.
If you need other commands, let us know!
🚚 Friends, we've added a feature to export current subscriptions, forwards and their corresponding settings. Use the /dump command for this. Then these settings can be imported with the /batch command.
This function is also useful if you want to copy, for example, replacements to a new forward.
Hi everyone!
We've added the ability to copy polls. To do this, use the setting poll.