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What mistakes are weightily accepted a beginning camgirl?

Many camgirls communicate with interlocutors in a standard way. These are memorized phrases, a universal approach to each user on the wrong side of the screen. But every man comes to a dating site with different goals. In the history of every webcam model there are foreigners who loved to just chat about how the day went, to share stories from life and nothing more.
Others like to talk on more intimate topics, they did not like shy girls. Such by the way received the nickname "males" in the circle of girls from webcams studios. Check this website for more.
The appearance can also be alienated. No, here nobody talks about the standards of appearance of the video chat model, but you have to remember that you came on a date, even if it's online. Especially it concerns those models that work at home: it is unacceptable to appear with a man in untidy home clothes with disheveled hair, completely without make-up (exceptional cases are the desires of men, but such are few). Your face and appearance - this is your business card and way of earning.
How to become a successful web model and get so much, how many have you promised?
After registering for a webcam model, the money will not immediately fall on you. It is necessary to remember several secrets of successful and paid communication with foreigners:
You should be interesting. Not only a beautiful face and figure attract men. You must engage him in conversation, tell some interesting facts about yourself, or, at the very least, laugh.
Try to be as natural as possible in communication. Men feel falseness even through a webcam. Understand that you should be pleased to communicate with this man, if only because he is also glad to you, and does not require anything in return, except for an interesting conversation and easy flirting.
Do not be constrained. If shyness is your natural trait, then you can forget about point two. Do not be afraid to say what you want and what you think - the Internet is blurring the boundaries.
Work. Do not forget that no matter how simple and pleasant it would seem to you this activity, it is still work. Leaving her half an hour a day, you will not earn a new coat. Work, for four, six hours, looking for permanent interlocutors: then you can go into the chat room only to communicate with them.